Utley heats up, Phils meander

The Phillies never make it easy, and this season, that has proved to be truer than fans care to admit. This time, the front office has a heavy hand in the blame, and this was reinforced tenfold this week. Recently, Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. went on “The Mike… Continued

Phillies need to focus on the rebuild

Remember when the Phillies would hit themselves back into games that were poorly pitched? Or when the pitching was dominant enough to make up for a bad hitting stretch? How about when the Phillies could sweep a team and it wouldn’t be a surprise? Phillies fans do remember these things,… Continued

Manuel fired as manager but Amaro keeps his job

During the Aug. 17 Philadelphia Phillies game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, there were chants being yelled throughout Citizens Bank Park. “Fire Ruben! Fire Ruben! Fire Ruben!” The fans were showing their support for recently fired Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and their strong disapproval of the job being done by… Continued

What’s going on with the Phillies bullpen?

Five years can be longer than you think, and the Philadelphia Phillies had this brought to their attention last week. The organization welcomed back Brad Lidge, the delivery man of the final out that clinched the franchise’s most recent World Series in 2008, as he signed a one-day contract Aug.… Continued

Manuel might be on his way out

The Philadelphia Phillies are about to enter the most uncertain stretch of the season in their most uncertain season since 2000. Unable to play .500 or better baseball consistently, the Phillies will have a few major decisions to make as they approach the trade deadline. Four of their starting eight… Continued