Store Profile: Styles inspired by MARC

A creative genius is impossible to stop. One of the most respected hair stylists known today, Marcus Williams, was raised from the most unlikely of places: the suburbs of Delaware County. Since he was a teenager, he has had an uncanny passion for cutting hair. At the early age of… Continued

Store Profile: Moon + Arrow

  While the April 2013 fire on Fabric Row had dire consequences for some, Chelsea Pearce of Moon + Arrow sees her situation as a relatively positive one.  After being shut down entirely for two months, Pearce and her team focused their efforts on rebuilding the storefront and preparing the… Continued

Designer Profile: Adorn by Sarah Lewis

Wholly inspired by a globetrotting, bohemian spirit, Sarah Lewis doesn’t design for seasons or trends. The independent designer behind Adorn by Sarah Lewis launched her j ewelry collection and Fishtown showroom in 2010. Adorn features two core collections titled Light & Love and Band of Gypsys, and Lewis releases new… Continued

In Her Bag

  Malaysian international student Illani Zane shares what’s in her beautiful pink bag. 1. Zane adores her pink Saint Laurent bag because she loves the color. 2. She prefers to write things down in her planner instead of using her phone. 3. Her passport holder and MAC lipstick were farewell… Continued

Street Style

Erin Chan, junior, graphic design Beanie, button-up shirt, purse — Forever 21; faux leather jacket — H&M; jeans — Urban Outfitters; snow boots — Kohl’s; scarf and gloves — gifts; necklace — borrowed Q: From where do you draw your personal style inspiration? A: My personal style stems from all… Continued

Designer Profile: Black Wednesday

Everyone looks good in black. The shade is slimming, chic and glamorous — all in one color. As Coco Chanel once said, “Black has it all. [Its] beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Monochrome has the world scrambling to piece together minimalist outfits and the brand Black Wednesday… Continued

Store Profile: Duross & Langel

Duross & Langel started out with three shower gels, one moisturizer and a handful of soaps. On this particular Monday morning, Steve Duross was skillfully chopping a large brick of coconut oil base for his store’s soap. These smaller chunks were then transferred to a tall pot where they were… Continued

Store Profile: Lost + Found

On the corner of North 3rd and Cherry streets, across a cobblestone alleyway and housed in an old art gallery, is where you will find the quaint Old City boutique Lost + Found. Lost + Found was founded in 2004 by Sandy and Jenny Martin. Before they opened their current… Continued

Stylist Profile: Tavaris Neal

In popular culture, the celebrity and fashion stylist has become as influential and well known as the A-list movie stars and name-brand clientele that employ them. From Rachel Zoe to celebrity favorite Petra Flannery, the newfound spotlight on stylists has inspired a new generation of young people to pursue the… Continued

Designer Profile: Duke & Winston

Upon entering the offices on the second floor of the Duke & Winston showroom, I was eagerly greeted by an English bulldog whom I recognized as none other than the Duke himself. Founder Seun Olubodun was kind enough to sit down with me and tell the story behind his Philadelphia-based casual… Continued