SuicideGirls celebrates women

SuicideGirls started as an online community featuring pin-up photography to celebrate “alternative beauty and indie culture from around the world.” This self-proclaimed “sorority of bad a– bombshells and geek goddesses” was created by founding partners of the company SG Services Inc., Sean Suhl and Selena Mooney (“Missy Suicide”). After doing… Continued

Tiger Jaw does justice to punk genre

Pennsylvania’s own Tigers Jaw and Modern Baseball performed March 1 at Flux along with fellow punk band Sun. The show was reportedly very close to selling out, making the already small Intercultural Center basement even tinier. That being said, it really brought some energy to the concert, especially in the… Continued

Gaslight Anthem enthralls Philly with extensive set

The Gaslight Anthem thrashed the stage of the Electric Factory Nov. 27 amid a full house of fans. The five-piece act from New Brunswick, N.J., was supported by Chester County native Matthew Ryan and punk band The Menzingers from Scranton, Pa. A soft, ambient chord, surrounded by gritty, desperate vocals… Continued

Green Day tames sound on ‘Uno!’

To promote an upcoming album, some bands do press junkets, make television appearances and star in Target commercials. But that’s not very rock ’n’ roll compared to say a massive meltdown during an iHeartRadio set in Las Vegas. That’s what Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong decided to do when his… Continued

Albums to look forward to this spring

Almost a quarter of 2012 has passed by, and so far the year has been generous with new album releases. The end of winter also means an overwhelming amount of spring tours. Here are some bands with new records that will be stopping in Philadelphia in the coming months.  … Continued