Treasury bonds reach 2 percent interest

The current debate regarding the U.S. economy revolves around the recent hike in interest rates as represented by the 10-year Treasury bond rate. This rate had spent most of the last four years dancing below 1.85 percent, which is considered very low by historical standards. Suddenly, this rate has risen… Continued

QE3: More effective than QE1 and QE2?

Quantitative easing is an emergency monetary policy used during recessions. The Federal Reserve plans to buy $40 billion every month in mortgage-backed securities in the open-ended QE3 until the labor market improves significantly. QE3 is the third round of buying long-term bonds that the Fed will be using to target… Continued

QE3 on horizon for US economy

Douglas Hammond   For those who are logic-minded, the current state of the world can, unfortunately, be seen as a function of Europe. The age of decoupling has ended, and the era of globalization has begun. The effect of the EU on the U.S. is quite obvious, and I will… Continued