Professors named most-cited researchers of 2014

Three Drexel professors were named by Thomson Reuters as among the most-cited researchers of 2014. The professors, whose fields include extragalactic astronomy, materials engineering and atmospheric particles, were Gordon Richards, Yury Gogotsi and Peter DeCarlo, respectively. The list, which consisted of 3,215 researchers across 21 fields in both the natural… Continued

Military tech used to protect snakes

Drexel University biologists are collaborating in an effort to save northern pine snakes from extinction using military technology. Researchers have implanted transmitters into the snakes to track their hibernation habits and have found that snakes take twice as long to cross concrete than sand. “The ultimate goal of this project… Continued

Truvia found to be possible pesticide

According to a paper by two Drexel University professors, erythritol, used as a semi-sweet and low-calorie bulking agent in some sweeteners, is both appealing and toxic to fruit flies. Because it is safe for humans to consume at far higher doses than those that are toxic to the flies, it… Continued

Sexting study raises concerns

According to a study led by David DeMatteo, the director of the joint degree program in law and psychology at Drexel University, the exchange of sexually explicit text messages and images among minors is more prevalent than previously imagined. The study, “Youth Sexting: Prevalence Rates, Driving Motivations, and the Deterrent… Continued

Seven Dragons awarded Fulbrights

A record seven Drexel students and alumni have been offered grants through the 2014-15 Fulbright U.S. Student Program. The recipients will travel to countries around the world — including Finland, Barbados and Australia, among others — to complete self-directed research in their field of study. Many of the students will… Continued

Research uncovers need for employee satisfaction

Daniel Korschun, assistant professor of marketing in the LeBow College of Business, co-authored a study and subsequent article titled “Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Orientation, and Job Performance of Frontline Employees,” published in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of Marketing. His study concluded that frontline employees who identify with… Continued

Study uses electrical stimulation to enhance learning

Drexel graduate student Amrit Misra recently took part in research with graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, “Microstimulation of the Human Substantia Nigra Alters Reinforcement Learning,” which was published May 14. The research concluded providing electrical rewards to a certain set of neurons in the brain could alter the… Continued

New study shows longterm effects of ADHD drugs

Drexel University and University of Delaware researchers have discovered previously unknown effects of the use of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication such as Ritalin. These therapeutic drugs are sometimes used for “performance-enhancing,” despite the lack of prescription to do so. For those who abuse them, the long-term effects can hinder… Continued