Hai Street Kitchen has unique food

It’s a sushi roll the size of a sub, and you eat it as though biting into a jumbo egg roll. It is the heart and signature of Philadelphia’s first Japanese burrito bar, Hai Street Kitchen & Co. Structurally, a Hai Street Kitchen roll is the same as an average… Continued

El Rey upholds Starr’s foodie fame

Stephen Starr never fails to impress. I’ve been a huge fan of his restaurants since coming to Philly, and I become excessively excited and even proud every time I visit one of his places. This is partly because the costs of said visits make them infrequent; his restaurants are not… Continued

Crowd favorites win at Rangoon

Rangoon Burmese Restaurant is an unexpected find. But once you find it, plan on visiting it more than once. The menu is enormous, and if the quantity isn’t enough of a draw, the quality of food seals the deal. The fact that it is a Burmese restaurant helps! I, a… Continued

Abyssinia dishes authentic Ethiopian cuisine

When it comes to just about any institution, the name of the game is showmanship. So long as your product is eye-catching and unique, you’re in business. Flashing lights and pretty sights turn consumers into rooks, ready to grab anything that sparkles. The same cannot be said for restaurants. Sure,… Continued

Pure Fare a healthy, friendly option

Whenever a restaurant strives to be more than a just a business, it really shines through. The food can taste great, the staff can be polite, and the place can comfort with carefully arranged decor, but when there’s a purpose behind the service, it adds a whole new dimension to… Continued

Manakeesh expands the palate

Before regaling you with tales of culinary adventure, let me make something perfectly clear: judging food is difficult. Now, that may sound as if I’m being a braggart considering that I am, in fact, about to judge food (well), but that is simply not the case. All I wish to… Continued

Doc Magrogan’s reels in comforting seafood

It’s rare, but every once in a while I’ll discover someone who doesn’t like seafood. They’ll tell me something along the lines of “they swim in their own filth” or “it smells funny.” I’ve tried to understand these people, but despite my best efforts I just cannot find it in… Continued