Moo Over This | Dining with vegetarians

I have gone to plenty of not-vegetarian-friendly restaurants with many nonvegetarian friends. Although it may seem to present itself as a dilemma, eating out with omnivores can be a worthwhile experience. A menu at a primarily steak-and-potatoes joint can be daunting. I’m fairly sure your server won’t know which burger… Continued

Abyssinia dishes authentic Ethiopian cuisine

When it comes to just about any institution, the name of the game is showmanship. So long as your product is eye-catching and unique, you’re in business. Flashing lights and pretty sights turn consumers into rooks, ready to grab anything that sparkles. The same cannot be said for restaurants. Sure,… Continued

Sweetgreen offers fresh alternative

One of the absolute worst things one can do to oneself is to go on a diet. Now I fully understand that being healthy is important, but to sacrifice food for that goal is abhorrent. There is a small point of merit in that by starting a diet you may… Continued

Lemon Grass is worth the price

  As a food critic, I pride myself on my experience. What I mean to say is that when I see an interesting restaurant, I inevitably find myself itching to try out its spread so that I can justify my inflated food critic ego. That’s why I’ve been so disappointed… Continued

Global flavors arrive on campus

Summer may have come to an end, but there is much to look forward to in the fall, especially at Drexel. The new Market 16 & Noodle Bar opened up Sept. 24, providing us Dragons with yet another dining option. Stacked with all the essential groceries, fresh produce, and a… Continued

Charity event benefits HIV/AIDS victims

Brothers from Delta Epsilon Psi fraternity volunteered April 26 for Dining Out for Life, a fundraiser started by the ActionAIDS organization, which raises money to help support people living with HIV or AIDS. Serving as “ambassadors,” 10 brothers from the fraternity were spread throughout the city at various participating restaurants… Continued

North Indian cuisine at Sitar

Sitar India, located at 38th and Ludlow streets, specializes in unique Indian food. Some specials the restaurant features are Mughlai, curry, masala and naan. You can get a 10-percent discount for bringing your student ID and a 5-percent discount for paying in cash. For my first restaurant review I decided to choose a cuisine I am familiar… Continued

Baby Blues BBQ satisfies your palate

Up for review this week is hands down my favorite restaurantinUniversityCity,Baby Blues BBQ. Thissoutherngem really makes your taste buds pop. Baby Blues is located at 3402 Sansom St., rightinthe middle of Penn’s and Drexel’s campuses. Thisdown-home barbecue spot was broughtoverfrom the West Coastinlate2010 by barbecue aficionados Danny Fischer and Rick… Continued

Multi-cultural food truck by DU alum

Robert Zapata, a 2002 graduate of Drexel University with a degree in hotel and restaurant management, returns to his alma mater to start up a new food truck featuring a multicultural menu. Working as a dynamic husband-wife duo, Robert and Nuruk Zapata own Cucina Zapata. Popularly nicknamed Cucina by Drexel… Continued