Tech Tuesday – June 3, 2014

App Alert: Check On a campus where managing 20 credits, three extra-curricular activities and an on-campus job isn’t the exception, it can be difficult remembering to do things that aren’t part of our daily regimen. Just like you don’t want to incur penalties for turning an assignment in late; missing… Continued

Tech Tuesday – April 22, 2014

App Alert: Kitestring Referred to as your “virtual mom” by The Huffington Post, Kitestring debuted in headlines this past week. A personal safety application compatible with any phone with an Internet connection, Kitestring “checks up on you and then basically freaks out if you don’t respond. You know, like a… Continued

OpenSSL exploit affects millions

Over the last week, the Internet has been abuzz with the Heartbleed bug and its effect on OpenSSL sites. Most people have no idea what this means, nor what effect, if any, it will have on them. For that reason, I wanted to write this piece, just to do my… Continued

Communicating effectively to address a data breach

When the Office of the Provost sent an email the morning of Feb. 17 to the 5,379 students whose information was inadvertently disclosed in an email from the Steinbright Career Development Center to 479 students, news of the incident spread like wildfire. Students were understandably appalled that the University failed… Continued

Israel’s security key to a stable Middle East

On Oct. 29, Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners: 21 to the West Bank and five to the Gaza Strip. The release is the second of four being made by Israel in an attempt to bring the Palestinian Authority back to peace negotiations. While these prisoners were welcomed by their families… Continued

Sacrifices on the altar of freedom

After all these years, is it still worth it? Our ancestors began a great political experiment: commoners who rule themselves. They believed that the volatile masses have the right to think what they want and say what they think. These unconventional freedoms and powers are rightfully celebrated because they are,… Continued

Lessons from Boston

In the years since the September 11 attacks, the federal government has taken measures to make the public feel secure against terrorism. Monday’s bombings should serve as a tragic reminder of just how vulnerable we are as a country. The security measures put in place after 9/11 did their job:… Continued

Drexel interior security is suspect

Campus safety has constantly been an issue that Drexel has been able to master successfully despite the University’s location in one of the United States’ most dangerous cities. Security magazine ranked Drexel third nationally in public safety in November 2012. The emergency booths found on every block and the readily… Continued