Don’t blame the government

In my last article, I warned about how the misjudgment of authority can lead to a disastrous result. After seeing concerning news of the South Korean Prime Minister resigning over the slow initial reaction to a ferry boat sinking, I must criticize how the blame is being directed at the… Continued

Sewol incident proves authorities not always right

The tragic sinking of the Sewol off the coast of South Korea left the victims’ families with extraordinary scars, as most of the victims in this catastrophe were high school students on a school trip. After an investigation, it was discovered that the captain ordered the passengers to stay “inside”… Continued

International Student Style

With fashion capitals ranging from London to Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is clear that American fashion is influenced by styles from around the world. Even just from walking around on campus, one can find a unique mix of fashion inspired by global trends. Representing over 100 different countries, many Drexel… Continued