Store Profile: Styles inspired by MARC

A creative genius is impossible to stop. One of the most respected hair stylists known today, Marcus Williams, was raised from the most unlikely of places: the suburbs of Delaware County. Since he was a teenager, he has had an uncanny passion for cutting hair. At the early age of… Continued

Store Profile: Moon + Arrow

  While the April 2013 fire on Fabric Row had dire consequences for some, Chelsea Pearce of Moon + Arrow sees her situation as a relatively positive one.  After being shut down entirely for two months, Pearce and her team focused their efforts on rebuilding the storefront and preparing the… Continued

Store Profile: Duross & Langel

Duross & Langel started out with three shower gels, one moisturizer and a handful of soaps. On this particular Monday morning, Steve Duross was skillfully chopping a large brick of coconut oil base for his store’s soap. These smaller chunks were then transferred to a tall pot where they were… Continued

Store Profile: Lost + Found

On the corner of North 3rd and Cherry streets, across a cobblestone alleyway and housed in an old art gallery, is where you will find the quaint Old City boutique Lost + Found. Lost + Found was founded in 2004 by Sandy and Jenny Martin. Before they opened their current… Continued

Designer Profile: Duke & Winston

Upon entering the offices on the second floor of the Duke & Winston showroom, I was eagerly greeted by an English bulldog whom I recognized as none other than the Duke himself. Founder Seun Olubodun was kind enough to sit down with me and tell the story behind his Philadelphia-based casual… Continued