Technology is treading a fine line

While I agree that technological advancements have changed lives, I detest the fact that present-day gadgets are taking over our lives instead of just enhancing them. I myself am studying to be a software engineer and am a huge advocate for the order and convenience these so-called “intelligent” devices bring… Continued

Apple’s ethics are questionable

The 21st century has brought an exponentially rising technological development field. Consumerism has hit new highs when it comes to buying the latest phone, laptop and tablet models on the market. MP3 player sales have completely eclipsed those of CDs. Also, practically every profession nowadays requires the most updated computers… Continued

Launch of new DrexelOne delayed

Representatives from Drexel University’s Office of Information Resources and Technology reported that the release of the new version of DrexelOne, the University’s student and staff Web portal, is delayed. The Triangle previously reported in November 2012 that the updated version was not yet ready for launch due to “a vital… Continued

IRT to release updates for DrexelOne platform

The Drexel University Office of Information Resources and Technology announced that a new version of DrexelOne, the University’s student and staff Web portal, will be released in the near future. While the site will still be based on the same software, called the “Ellucian Luminis Platform,” it will be upgraded… Continued

HD video cameras added in Creese

Drexel University announced a collaboration Oct. 15 with Advanced AV to bring Vidtel’s high-definition video camera conferencing to campus. The technology system will be set up in the Creating Excellent Organizations LEADership lab and will allow students and student organizations to communicate across video chat platforms in high definition. The… Continued

Yahoo needs innovative products

Roberto Salome   Yahoo Inc. was once one of Silicon Valley’s top companies on the cusp of cutting-edge technology. In recent years, though, its position has slipped as other companies have been able to deliver more high-quality services. In an effort to reinvent its image, Yahoo has hired Marissa Mayer,… Continued