Technology fosters dependency

It is sufficient to say that technology has substantially contributed to the advancement of human civilization. A remarkable observation is how science and technology work closely in tandem: applying basic scientific principles can yield highly sophisticated devices, which in turn may lead to major scientific breakthroughs. This positive feedback loop… Continued

ExCITe director to assist Opera Philadelphia

Youngmoo Kim, associate professor and director of the Drexel University Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies Center and assistant dean of engineering for media technologies, will be taking a one-year sabbatical from Drexel to collaborate with Opera Philadelphia and explore the relationship that emerging technology can have with all stages of… Continued

Technology is treading a fine line

While I agree that technological advancements have changed lives, I detest the fact that present-day gadgets are taking over our lives instead of just enhancing them. I myself am studying to be a software engineer and am a huge advocate for the order and convenience these so-called “intelligent” devices bring… Continued

Apple’s ethics are questionable

The 21st century has brought an exponentially rising technological development field. Consumerism has hit new highs when it comes to buying the latest phone, laptop and tablet models on the market. MP3 player sales have completely eclipsed those of CDs. Also, practically every profession nowadays requires the most updated computers… Continued

Launch of new DrexelOne delayed

Representatives from Drexel University’s Office of Information Resources and Technology reported that the release of the new version of DrexelOne, the University’s student and staff Web portal, is delayed. The Triangle previously reported in November 2012 that the updated version was not yet ready for launch due to “a vital… Continued