DJs Gramatik, ExMag and Russ Liquid rock the Troc

Gramatik performed at The Trocadero Theatre Oct. 5 with Extraordinary Magnitude and Russ Liquid. ExMag is Gramatik‚Äôs side project with artists Eric Mendelson, Drastiq, Buffalo Analog and Illumntr. Together they produce music that sounds similar to electronic dance music but is more accurately described as futuristic funk. Russ Liquid also… Continued

Music festival hits the Trocadero

The Brotherly Breakdown Festival rolled into Philadelphia Jan. 5. Taking place between The Trocadero main stage and the balcony, a total of 10 local bands came together for this awesome show. I got there as the doors opened at 6 p.m. and headed upstairs to catch the first band playing,… Continued