Is the University straying too far from its roots?

If you looked at the front page today, you might have seen an article about Drexel charging a new fee to prospective students for processing their application. This isn’t an uncommon practice and it isn’t unjustified: paying people to process multiple tens of thousands of applications is expensive, especially when… Continued

Drexel ranks eighth most expensive university

According to a recent article published by Campus Grotto, Drexel is the eighth-most expensive university in America, trailing behind New York University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College. The article, which was published Oct. 4, factored things like tuition, fees, and room and board into the calculations of the 100 most… Continued

Students discuss issues at #SHAFTED event

Students and administrators gathered Oct. 3 in the Intercultural Center for “#SHAFTED,” an event centered around discussion about Drexel’s campus community and students’ involvement with University decisions. A flyer used to advertise the event read, “Tired of seeing your friends leave Drexel? Sick of unpaid CO-OPS and tuition increases? Want… Continued

Put your money where your mouth is, which describes itself as “a premier site for business and financial market news,” published a story April 24 with the ominous title “Colleges Confuse Students with Letters Offering Aid That’s Debt.” And as soon as you read the first paragraph, you realize it’s partially about Drexel. Zach Romano, a… Continued

Letter to the Editor – Construction

Dear Editor,   Everyone among the student body has noticed the recent rash of construction and incoming students. Not to mention everyone has been complaining about it. Would you guess that the two are related more closely than one might think? The construction projects going on right now are capital… Continued

Letter to the Editor – High Tuition

Dear Editor,   We, the student body of Drexel University, have suffered too long under the weight of massive tuition on our shoulders. Something needs to be done. The amount of debt we incur at Drexel over our four plus years here is estimated to be three times that of… Continued

Letter to the Editor

Dear Drexel,   “Look to your left and look to your right,” I was told during my freshman orientation at Drexel’s engineering school. “Only one of you will graduate,” Dominic Di Bucci, an alumnus here at Drexel University, said. Drexel has always had a low graduation rate, but is it… Continued

University responds to tuition dispute

College blog Campus Grotto released an article Dec. 6 that named Drexel University the most expensive college in the country by net price for the 2011-2012 school year. The article, titled “A Look at Expensive Schools and their Net Price,” aimed to make a distinction between a university’s “sticker price”… Continued