Apartment complex will go up at 38th and Chestnut

The Radnor Property Group LLC of Wayne, Pa., and the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral have joined forces to construct a new $110 million, 25-story apartment tower located at 38th and Chestnut streets. The two establishments began their collaboration after the Cathedral issued a request for proposals regarding its residual land. The… Continued

Building a secular society

You may have met University City’s newest celebrity on your walk to class. Conversation and controversy have surrounded the now infamous preacher who parades both the Drexel and University of Pennsylvania campuses with his megaphone and bright white signs screaming, “Jesus saves!” While sights like this are nothing new to… Continued

Profs. encouraged to reside locally

Andrew Eisenhart, associate director of international admissions at Drexel, is the proud new owner of a Spruce Hill home as of May 24. His purchase marked the Drexel Employee Home Purchase Assistance Program’s 20th closing. Established in 2011, Drexel University’s Home Purchase Assistance Program, headed by director Althea Wallace, helps… Continued

Sweetgreen offers fresh alternative

One of the absolute worst things one can do to oneself is to go on a diet. Now I fully understand that being healthy is important, but to sacrifice food for that goal is abhorrent. There is a small point of merit in that by starting a diet you may… Continued

Fry plans for 30th Street rail yards

Drexel University will spend at least $1 million on a study into the possibility of expanding the University City campus above the Schuylkill Rail Yards that feed 30th Street Station, The Philadelphia Inquirer and University officials reported Nov. 11. The study, which will focus on the 96-acre rail yard currently… Continued

Lemon Grass is worth the price

  As a food critic, I pride myself on my experience. What I mean to say is that when I see an interesting restaurant, I inevitably find myself itching to try out its spread so that I can justify my inflated food critic ego. That’s why I’ve been so disappointed… Continued

Han Dynasty’s Sichuan cuisine is triumphant

Chinese food has, ironically enough, become a staple for Americans everywhere. However, the food has become an unrecognizable shadow of its true self — everything is fried, sauces are thick and bland, and the food imparts feelings of lethargy and self-hatred when consumed in large quantities. Han Dynasty, which recently… Continued

A stellar spring for Public Safety

With spring term coming to an end, it’s hard to believe that we’ve only received one DrexelALERT from Drexel Public Safety in these past nine weeks. That’s right, one — and it was about a faulty bomb threat that ultimately amounted to nothing. Yes, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised, too,… Continued