London Olympics come to a close

Spanning 19 days, the 2012 Summer Olympics brought the best athletes from 204 nations to London to compete in front of a global audience. 85 of those 204 — from Afghanistan to Venezuela — earned a total of 962 medals. Over 10,000 athletes participated in 302 events in 26 different… Continued

QE3 on horizon for US economy

Douglas Hammond   For those who are logic-minded, the current state of the world can, unfortunately, be seen as a function of Europe. The age of decoupling has ended, and the era of globalization has begun. The effect of the EU on the U.S. is quite obvious, and I will… Continued

London hosts first Olympics since 1948

For 19 days this summer, the world’s biggest stage will be in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Women’s soccer will kick off the games Wednesday, July 25, men’s soccer follows July 26, and the opening ceremony is scheduled for July 27. The U.K. will be sure to showcase its… Continued

U.S. should invest in education

Maxwell Balbin   A CBS News poll conducted Oct. 19-24 revealed that 57 percent of those polled cited the “economy and jobs” as the “most important problem facing the country today.” Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics news release, dated Oct. 7, 2011, reports that the rate of unemployment among… Continued

Is there class warfare in America?

Roger McCain   The language of “class warfare” has come up in the news lately. Does this make any sense? Antagonism between classes — and sometimes warfare between them — has been prominent in Western civilization from medieval times (and perhaps in all or most other civilizations as well). Before… Continued

European recession may spread

Shawkat Hammoudeh   Fears of a developing sovereign debt crisis in Europe started in late 2009, but the situation became particularly tense in early 2010. Crisis Europe included eurozone members (Greece, Ireland and Portugal) and also some European Union countries from outside the eurozone. In the EU, particularly in countries… Continued