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Drexel professor issues statement following “first-class seat” tweet

CCTV America: Youtube
CCTV America: Youtube

On March 26, George Ciccariello-Maher, a Drexel University associate professor of political science, tweeted: “Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.”

Below is Ciccariello-Maher’s full, unedited statement regarding the tweet:

“Two days after U.S. airstrikes incinerated an estimated 200 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul, I sent a personal tweet in reaction to what I considered a smug and self-congratulatory gesture by a first-class passenger toward a uniformed soldier. Maybe predictably, my tweet has since been fed into and misrepresented by the outrage machine that is right-wing media. Needless to say, my personal views expressed off-campus have absolutely nothing to do with those of my employer, Drexel University.

I respect anyone who makes difficult and dangerous decisions out of economic necessity whether they are public school teachers, construction workers, economic migrants or young soldiers. What I don’t respect is a brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq that has not made our world any safer a war that has taken advantage of economically disadvantaged Americans, a war that has given the world ISIS and a war that has wrought carnage like that seen in Mosul and elsewhere.

The best way to support troops is not with symbolic gestures and first-class seats, but by bringing them home safely, by ensuring that women in uniform are not subjected to what is an epidemic of sexual assault and by providing dignified medical and psychological care. Those who today claim to demand respect for the troops show little in the way of respect for how they are treated in and out of the military.”


  • Axel Persinger

    I’m all for freedom of opinion and speech, it’s what America was founded on, but honestly this is disgusting. My dad was in the Army for 26 years, as was his brother, my dad’s dad was in the Navy for 5, as was HIS brother. Both my mom and I worked as DoD civilians supporting US Army missions. I think I have an ‘insider view’ to what a soldier goes through (though of course, I do NOT have a first-person view), and I would gladly give up my seat for any service member. My dad was a desk jockey and was only involved in a firefight once, but that was enough for him to come back a totally different man. Just sitting behind a desk warranted the enemy to mortar and rocket his base for days on end, every night.

    When I see stuff like this, a professor who has read about the issues going on in the area, but who doesn’t have the courage to do anything about it, it disgusts me. We don’t only bomb cities, we build bridges, distribute vaccines, teach engineers, facilitate democracy, and ensure peace. But all he sees is that civilians died (which is incredibly tragic, and I wish it didn’t happen, of course), but that’s the fog of war, it happens. This makes me ashamed to be a Drexel Student.

  • RC

    You said exactly what you wanted to say. Be a man and take the heat except responsibility for your dumb statement. I can only hope Drexel University terminates you and strips you of all benefits. Praying you have the worst week of your life.

  • rick

    i fell that that was an insult to all americans.
    i have a lot of family and others that served and i thank god that thay protect us and i wish not one cent of taxpayers dollars go to this guy

  • JunkScienceIsJunk

    Despite the pro-war slant of both mainstream political parties, many of you may actually be surprised to learn that there are some who oppose the notion of a military state on both practical and ethical grounds. You cannot be truly anti-war while “thanking” its participants. Peace advocates have consistently been dragged through the mud in this country for 50+ years.

    “We shall never end wars by blaming it on the ministers and
    generals, or warmongering imperialists, or all the other banal bogeys.
    It’s the rest of us who build statues to those generals and name
    boulevards after those ministers. The rest of us who make heroes of our
    dead and shrines of our battlefields. We wear our widow’s weeds like
    nuns and perpetuate war by exalting its sacrifices.”

    • Axel Persinger

      I don’t support the sustained use of coal as an energy source, yet I would thank a coal miner for doing that incredibly hard job. It’s not his decision that America still uses coal, however he made the sacrifice to perform a necessary job. So I think you can be “anti-war” and thank soldiers

      • JunkScienceIsJunk

        I think it’s hypocritical to thank the coal miner if you consider the mining of coal to be an ethically objectionable act. You can certainly acknowledge that it’s a tough job. But to thank him for it implies that you appreciate it.

  • SeattleConservative

    I see his name is hyphenated. Perhaps his husband should weigh in.

  • Gail Szeker

    This is also the “professor” (term used VERY loosely here) who said that what he wanted for Christmas was “WHITE GENOCIDE”! Note – he remains on the staff at Drexel Univ – do you have any idea of how long he would have been employed if he had supported “Black Genocide”? Out the next day if not sooner! Do not support Drexel Univ – make sure every potential student or drexel alumni learns of this man’s support by the school. Boycott all alumni donations – I just did!

  • Purrelli

    Take a bath you still k to high heaven professor. You are also a racist genocidal pig who does t deserve to eat teaching, much less be a citizen of our country​. Just Google this piece of trash a d you will find reviews by dozens of former students saying exactly that.

  • Fred Phien

    Gross you should have some honor and resign and then leave the country. In this case, discretion is not the better part of valor. Maybe spend less time on your silly hair style and mustachio, and get a clue.